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PurFX is a group of atypical individuals who have developed an uncanny ability to make things spectacular.

Over the past 12 years, we've pushed boundaries and broken conventions, building an international reputation for delivering creative experiences on a grand scale. This is the passion we share. It's what drives us, and in this realm we just can't get enough.

Today, we are proud of our many achievements, and proud to introduce ourselves as a bunch of crazy talented people who want only one thing: do it again and do it better.


Right away, we started pushing the boundaries, coming up with ideas that have yet to be matched. Our team is insanely talented, combining experience and daring, and we never shy away from a challenge. The clash of generations is behind some of our greatest achievements. Individual contributions and our joint capabilities are essential. We don't just envision the future, we take it into our own hands.

Jacquelin Duchesne

Jacquelin Duchesne

VP Training & Compliance Affairs

Jacquelin’s imagination has been igniting large-scale projects for over 32 years. As cofounder and manager of PurFX, he brings a staggering level of expertise to pyrotechnics and special effects. Over the course of his career, he has participated in over 40 international competitions and been part of the production of over 500 television events.

Patrick Vézina

Patrick Vézina

VP Operation & New markets Development

Patrick joined PurFX four years ago as a shareholder and manager. With a proven track record in corporate management and development, he has been restructuring businesses in the tourism and entertainment sector and ensuring their growth for over 22 years. His rock-solid knowledge base and strong interest in the industry make him the best person to lead PurFX to new heights.

Maude Bilodeau

Maude Bilodeau

Technic & Pyrotechnic coordinator

Ian Bourdonnais

Ian Bourdonnais

Director of Operations


It’s through challenges that we’ve become the best at what we do. For our team, every customer, every project is an opportunity to excel. That’s why we work with the industry’s biggest players, and with those who have the ambition to join them. We have a broad customer base because dedication is a core value for us, and because we enjoy doing exciting work, whatever the parameters of the project.


If you want to be the best, you need to be surrounded by the best. Our achievements would not be possible without the incredible partners who support us and work with us every single day. Thanks to their invaluable assistance, we keep on moving forward, contributing to our clients’ success and to the growth of an entire industry.


Our strength lies in our shared mission: to create unique, exhilarating entertainment that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Our aim is to surprise. Our raw material is creativity.

If it’s been done or seen before, we’re not interested. We do more. We do it better.


No challenge is too big for us. Bringing the right talent together, and defining the right parameters, is the process that enables us to throw ourselves into every adventure.



Creativity is the raw material of all our achievements, the vehicle of all our projects. Creativity is part of our identity. It motivates us and enables us to push back the boundaries of entertainment.

High standards

Our environment is spectacular and offers unlimited creative and technical possibilities. In this enormous playground, we need and want to apply the highest standards. We don’t just follow our industry’s safety standards – we go further, doing more than what is required. This is why our clients trust us implicitly.


The experience we've acquired over the years through countless projects and challenges has enabled us to position ourselves as experts in our field. Our rich and varied history, with its many successes, is a guarantee of the value we can bring when it comes to creating unforgettable moments.