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PurFX’s broad-ranging expertise is adapted to a variety of industries. We are both versatile and specialists. Over the years, we have deployed our talent across the world, helping hundreds of companies and productions create entertainment experiences marked by pure emotion.


We have accompanied and led productions throughout the world, in addition to contributing to some of the most beautiful stage designs put forward over the past 12 years. Our specialists love stage productions and are trained to work on them.


Festivals are all about having big visions – and carrying them out on an even bigger scale. We are proud of our expertise in the performing arts industry and have developed a passion for a playground that places no limits on creativity.


Our goal is to provide people with thrilling and unforgettable moments, not only with on-stage performances, but also in many other contexts. As adrenaline junkies ourselves, we have developed strong expertise in serving the amusement park industry.


Even without the proximity of a live audience, thrilling moments can be created on screen – and the impact is powerful. With our help, millions of TV and movie viewers are riveted by masterpieces, week after week.


Professional sports has its requirements: the audience expects to be dazzled, by what happens on the field and by how the spectacle is staged. Sophisticated staging, exuberant entertainment and exciting atmospheres : these are all things we’re good at.